This blog is dedicated to keeping you updated on the latest trends in media, digital marketing, design, creative, and business. Whether you’re the CEO, Marketing Director or Communications Specialist, our blog features content with in-depth tips on how to better manage your digital strategy and of course, a few Meet the Team posts to show off our faces.

Meet the Team: Jafra Johnson-Holmes

We’re baaaack! Did you miss us here on the Hubbard blog? We’re here bringing you new and exciting intros to some kick-butt additions to the Hubbard Interactive fam. Meet Jafra Johnson-Holmes,

Crafting Your Back to Business Strategy

We’ve now been at our “new normal” for quite some time, and the question of when business will be back remains popular and varies depending on where you reside. Local businesses are eager and (should be) starting to plan their back to business strategy now.

Meet The Team: Chaise Knutson

Although we’re locked down, our Hubbard Interactive team is on the up and up! We’re welcoming our newest Social Media Ad Strategist, Chaise Knutson. Chaise comes to us with an extensive background in Media placement and Ad Strategy along with Public Relations.

Community Management in a Time of Crisis

When a crisis hits, things move quickly, and with the internet that speed is increased exponentially. Without careful monitoring, a situation in your online community can spiral out of control,

10 Tips For Creating Shareable Social Media Content

Creating content for your brand each month can start to feel more like routine work than creative expression. Instead of going through the motions of write-send-post-repeat, consider it an opportunity to improve your skills as a content creator.

Social Media Trend Report 2020

In the age of technology, we have seen it all: chats have been snapped, leaves have fallen from the Vine, and reality itself has become augmented. Platforms rise and fall,

Meet The Team: Sophie Attema

The Hubbard Fam is back and better than ever with new additions to our fearless team. Meet Sophie, our bubbly and bold new Account Strategist. Sophie comes to us with a background in digital marketing and human resources,

Meet the Team: Brooke Robison

We lucked out again here at Hubbard as yet another talented, content focused, passionate individual has found their way onto our team. Meet Brooke, our latest Content Strategist joining the gang. Brooke comes to Hubbard after three years in the tabletop gaming industry where she worked with IPs ranging from Game of Thrones to Star Wars.

Can Radio Really Boost Search Performance?

At the NAB/RAB Radio Show in Atlanta, Ed Gorman, Client President & Managing Director of Carat USA, said, “Radio had the highest correlation to increasing search” compared to any other medium they used.

[PODCAST] Auditing Your Online Brand

Getting Google to see you and rank you high in search results is a tall order, so are there tools and tricks to make it easier? That’s what we discus in this episode.

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