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Social Media Trend Report 2020

In the age of technology, we have seen it all: chats have been snapped, leaves have fallen from the Vine, and reality itself has become augmented. Platforms rise and fall,

Meet The Team: Sophie Attema

The Hubbard Fam is back and better than ever with new additions to our fearless team. Meet Sophie, our bubbly and bold new Account Strategist. Sophie comes to us with a background in digital marketing and human resources,

Can Radio Really Boost Search Performance?

At the NAB/RAB Radio Show in Atlanta, Ed Gorman, Client President & Managing Director of Carat USA, said, “Radio had the highest correlation to increasing search” compared to any other medium they used.

[PODCAST] Auditing Your Online Brand

Getting Google to see you and rank you high in search results is a tall order, so are there tools and tricks to make it easier? That’s what we discus in this episode.

[PODCAST] Rock What You Got

Kaylie Schmidt and Meghan Bergman, two members of the Hubbard Interactive team, went to the Rock What You Got Conference, and came back to tell us their takeaways.


Power of Energy: Cultivate positive energy around you
Power of Thoughts: If you think you can you will!

Meet The Team: Jake George

Hey interweb, welcome back to our Meet the Team series! This week, we want you to meet Jake, our photography loving, craft-beer drinking Strategist on the team. He comes to us with a background in content production and live activation.

A Look Back at Instagram

Instagram, defined as the app that generations cannot live without has changed over the years. Not quite a decade old yet, but this phenomenon has genuinely changed the world we live in and how we see it.