The Idea

Rosedale Center was celebrating their 50th anniversary while trying to rebrand the mall. They came to Hubbard Interactive to execute a campaign that appealed to high school and college kids to show them that malls are fun.

The Campaign

We leveraged one of the most popular Netflix shows that is also set in a mall! Stranger Things 3 had just come out and everyone was binge watching it. Rosedale Center’s layout was perfect to recreate the feel of Stranger Things with some local influencers and celebrate Rosedale Center’s 50 Years, especially 1985!

We created an integrated marketing campaign – recruiting 4 influencers and filming them wearing clothes that represented the 80s and Stranger Things style that could be bought from stores in the mall. We made a Stranger Things-inspired YouTube video campaign, social media posts, a Snapchat filter, GIPHY stickers, and comment contests on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign served targeted ads to users by geo-fencing areas around local high schools and universities that showed Rosedale Center is not your average mall, it’s a fun, trendy experience.

The Results

In just six days, it generated over 65,000 views and 4,000 engagements on Facebook and more than 24,000 likes and 600 comments on Instagram. In that same period, Rosedale Center’s Instagram followers increased by 761%. On Facebook, page video views increased 1,521%. The YouTube video was viewed over 37,000 times.

The customized GIPHY stickers were viewed more than 2.2 million times, while the Snapchat filters received over 17,000 views, 5,000 swipes, and 600 uses

In the end, Rosedale Center’s fall foot traffic was equal to their normal holiday crowds – something that had never happened before. We call that a win!

Video Views


Follower Increase


GIPHY Sticker Views

2.2 million


We’re beyond thrilled with the Hubbard Interactive team's digital smarts, recommendations, and creation of relevant and engaging content, the results have been stellar. We’re impressed with the team’s understanding of our BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation, its mission and our need to extend our audience reach while generating a greater brand awareness. They also knocked the ball out of the park with the development of our new website. We bel13ve in Hubbard Interactive.

Leslie Jablonski - BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation
A 48 year old company struggling with Social Media? Such was the case with Dennis Kirk, Inc. in 2017. We lacked social vision and energy, Hubbard Interactive to the rescue. We’ve utilized their services in many areas including reporting, creative development and social site management. That, along with video creation and local event coverage have created a social media credibility we sorely lacked. How would we classify them? #hardworking #talented #creative #effective

Bob Behan - Dennis Kirk
Hubbard truly surpassed our expectations. Not only were we pleased with the growth in our customer base, social media accounts, and general inquiries, but working with Chris couldn’t have been any better. The other team members we worked with at Hubbard were knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with. We got the results we were looking for and we can’t wait to continue our partnership with Hubbard. Many thanks to Chris and the whole team at Hubbard.

Driveway Envy
Hubbard Interactive is an integral extension of our team and has been instrumental in enhancing our online visibility. We are continuously impressed with their level of service and consider them a key partner in supporting our social media objectives as well as our strategic goals. Their team has invested the time to fully understand the essence of our company, our clients, and our vision. They are not only proactive and responsive but at the forefront of innovative ideas. We could not have made a better choice.

Erik Therwanger - Think GREAT
Hubbard Interactive is an amazing company to work with! Everyone from the Social, to PPC, and Radio teams has exceeded our expectations. They are a dedicated group who are experts in their field and will produce results. They are personable, innovative, and truly an extension of our own team. We’ve been amazed at the performance of our campaigns for over a year now. We have the utmost faith in their skills and look forward to seeing what they can do next.

Robert Thomas Homes
Hubbard Interactive has a great team. They were professional and took the time to know our agency’s mission. The team worked with us to create videos and shape our digital media ad placement that allowed us to stretch our budget--a limited resource for nonprofits! We were very pleased with our results and we would gladly partner with them again.

Katie McNulty - Family Means
We view our relationship with the Hubbard group as a true partnership. They take the time to truly understand our business and determine the best way to support our needs. We have experienced strong results with our marketing both in traditional channels like radio and most recently with our online digital channels. The strong measurable returns to our investments have shown us we had the right choice in partnering with them. Hubbard offers a wide suite of services which meets the ever changing needs of our business.

Susan - Jefferson Lines
I have been incredibly impressed both in my experience in developing a digital presence for my company and increasing activity but have been most appreciative of the personal relationships that I have with the team! We meet monthly and review progress, discuss new ideas and continue to work toward improved outcomes. In today's increasingly impersonal experience the personal touch means a great deal. I would highly recommend anyone in need of a trusted digital team to lean on Hubbard Interactive!

Dr. Aaron Davis - EveresT Men's Health
Hubbard Interactive assembled a team of enthusiastic professionals that provided support for our social media strategy and developed content to connect with our fans and deliver value for our Corporate Partners.

Bob Fallen - Upper Midwest High School Elite League
Hubbard takes care of its customers and cares for their business. They will always come to you with new ideas, and if you say no, they come back with another idea. Their goal is to create exposure for you in the community that ultimately turns into an increase in business. Hubbard works hand and hand with you to make sure your goals are being met. Through this, we have seen more exposure of our brand, and much better branding. They listen, and they are always trying to make you better with you having to do little work so you can focus on your business while they focus on the marketing.

Michael - Red Cow & Red Rabbit |