The Subtlety of Social

Social media users are smarter than ever! They can sniff out an ad from a mile away and heavy-handed marketing is sure to keep your audience scrolling on by. But escapism and lifestyle imagery can get your brand front and center with the audience you want to snag.

An Emotional Appeal – Nostalgia Marketing

You’ve probably recently seen a Liberty Insurance commercial out there by now that states “Research shows that people remember commercials with nostalgia,” and that would be correct! With Nostalgia Marketing becoming one of the savviest ways to get your audience’s attention,

Crafting Your Back to Business Strategy

We’ve now been at our “new normal” for quite some time, and the question of when business will be back remains popular and varies depending on where you reside. Local businesses are eager and (should be) starting to plan their back to business strategy now.

Community Management in a Time of Crisis

When a crisis hits, things move quickly, and with the internet that speed is increased exponentially. Without careful monitoring, a situation in your online community can spiral out of control,

Can Radio Really Boost Search Performance?

At the NAB/RAB Radio Show in Atlanta, Ed Gorman, Client President & Managing Director of Carat USA, said, “Radio had the highest correlation to increasing search” compared to any other medium they used.