Welcome to Hubbard Digital Academy. This all day marketing conference at the Earle Brown Heritage Center includes breakout sessions, breakfast & lunch, regular giveaways and a celebratory happy hour.


Kick-off the day with our inspiring keynote speaker-Think Great’s Erik Therwanger. Choose and attend breakout sessions led by industry pro’s to learn tips and tricks of the trade. Stop by the Social Feed Podcast LIVE recording for a chance to be featured on the episode, or swing by our digital audit station for a quick brand eval.


Hubbard Interactive is made up of digital brand managers, social media strategists, coordinators, designers, videographers, project managers and web developers. We have helped hundreds of Twin Cities businesses grow their brand, whether it’s helping navigate Google, executing a successful social media marketing strategy, or setting up a pay-per-click campaign. Hubbard Interactive connects your brand to the right people.

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Karen is a fifth-generation member of the Bachman’s family and is responsible for integrated advertising, marketing and branding initiatives for Bachman's retail stores and service divisions. She manages Bachmans.com and the event team as well as collaborates with external agencies to plan and execute marketing campaigns.

Karen Bachman Thull

Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Bachman’s Garden Center

As Senior Social Media Strategist, Meghan leverages her skills in advertising and communications to make a digital impact for her clients. Driven by goals and guided in strategy, she loves implementing creative and meaningful marketing campaigns unique to each client. In her free time, you can find Meghan running around the gym, on a bike, or studying nutrition and fitness.

Meghan Bergman

Senior Social Media Strategist, Hubbard Interactive

Leading Brandography, an award-winning digital marketing company recognized for innovation, Jason Dailey is well accomplished in identifying, launching, and elevating the success of new business concepts.

Jason Dailey

Founder & President, Brandography

Bill Day leads the Revenue Strategy practice at Magid, focused on helping media companies, advertisers, and agencies improve their business models. Bill is an experienced media executive with a successful record launching and leading digital products from Cars.com to Careerbuilder and dozens of others that didn't work nearly as well.

Bill Day

Vice President, Magid

I draw inspiration from international best practices and believe that life is one big popularity contest. When my dad told me I could never make a living talking on the phone and convincing people to go to parties, I spent the subsequent years proving him wrong.

Sarah Fossen

Director of Marketing & Experience, Rosedale Center

Jake is a Social Strategist here at Hubbard, bringing with him a background in Content Production and Live Activation. His work drives brands to explore their creative boundaries and find a voice truly their own. He’s a firm believer in finding time for fun in both work and play.

Jake George

Social Media Strategist, Hubbard Interactive

Derek is new this last year to the Hubbard Interactive team. His design background is rooted in branding and animation. Derek’s excitement comes from building trust with clients and getting them excited about new avenues of creative.

Derek Hageness

Graphic Designer, Hubbard Interactive

As a Social Media Strategist at Hubbard Interactive, Anna Johnson has skills and knowledge in blogging, content marketing and various social media tools. She enjoys thinking outside the box to strategize with others helping clients meet their goals.

Anna Johnson

Social Media Strategist, Hubbard Interactive

As a Videographer for Hubbard Interactive, Pat produces videos for the Twin Cities Hubbard Radio stations & clients: event recaps, social promos, testimonials, product how-tos, interviews, animations, and live broadcasts. He is also the producer of The Social Feed Podcast.

Pat Laeger

Videographer & Podcast Producer, Hubbard Interactive

Michael and his wife Lisa are the co-founders of the Woofington, an ultra-lux resort & spa, catering to small dogs, 25 lbs. and under. Michael’s marketing expertise includes building powerful brands and new business concepts for companies ranging from startup to Fortune 100.

Mike Larson

Co-Owner, Woofington

Bernie has been leading the Hubbard Digital Sales organization since 2008 and has been instrumental in building the Hubbard Interactive team, offering a multitude of digital marketing opportunities to help businesses. Bernie is a 35-year veteran in the broadcasting and digital fields.

Bernie Laur

Director of Digital Sales, Hubbard Interactive

Albert is Google Analytics and Ads certified. He helps businesses grow their online presence by developing strategies with a goal-oriented mindset and providing in-depth analysis. A recent success of Albert’s was assisting an ecomm site to grow its monthly revenue from $10,000/month to more than $200,000/month in two years.

Albert Maruggi

Digital Marketing Strategist, Brandography

As a Social Media Coordinator at Hubbard Interactive, Katie uses her background in anthropology and communications to craft copy that is compelling and motivational for her client’s audiences. Nothing excites her more than to see the visions for her clients’ campaigns come to life and create lasting results.

Katie Mullenbach

Social Media Coordinator, Hubbard Interactive

A Wisconsin boy in the Twin Cities, Sam is an experienced digital strategist with over 10 years of planning, creating, and executing digital solutions. With expertise in search engine marketing and digital technology he has worked with businesses of all sizes from small shops, government organizations, and nonprofits to fortune 500s.

Sam O’Byrne

Digital Brand Strategist, Hubbard Interactive

Chad keeps digital campaigns on track by strategizing, implementing, maintaining and optimizing multi-media products that deliver marketing messages in the most effective ways possible.

Chad Peterson

Digital Project Manager, Hubbard Interactive

As a Social Media Strategist for Hubbard Interactive, Jordan works with brands to develop marketing strategies that align with their business goals, while making sure their voices are heard across social media platforms. With a background in account management, he places an emphasis on strong communication and strategic thinking.

Jordan Preston

Social Media Strategist, Hubbard Interactive

Elizabeth Ries is a television and radio personality in the Twin Cities. She co-hosts Twin Cities Live weekdays afternoons from 3-4:30 on KSTP and delivers celebrity news and pop culture updates during her Dirt Alerts on myTalk 107.1.

Elizabeth Ries

Radio & TV Host for myTalk 107.1 and Twin Cities Live

With nine years experience at Hubbard Radio & Interactive, Kelsey’s expertise has been to uncover her clients’ marketing challenges and business goals, and then execute thoughtful integrated marketing campaigns using effectively the digital, social, traditional and experiential solutions we offer at Hubbard Radio & Hubbard Interactive.

Kelsey Sells

Senior Account Executive, Hubbard Interactive & Hubbard Radio

Ruth Tambornino is the Digital Brand Strategist at Hubbard Interactive. With a solid understanding of messaging and digital platforms, Ruth has worked with 100’s of clients locally and nationally, impacting their business in a positive way. Areas of expertise include PPC, SEO, Digital Display, Websites and Mobile platforms.

Ruth Tambornino

Digital Brand Strategist, Hubbard Interactive

As one of the nation's leading thinkers on issues of personal growth, professional development, and organizational excellence, Erik is the Founder and President of Think GREAT, LLC. Helping businesses and individuals reach goals through leadership, team building and sales training.

Erik Therwanger

Founder & President, ThinkGreat

With a background in web and digital marketing, Adriana understands the importance of creating a strong digital presence for brands. She leverages her knowledge in marketing & pr to help grow brands and drive conversions. In her spare time, she's hiking around Minnesota with her dog Winston and stopping at a few breweries.

Adriana Velez

Social Media Coordinator, Hubbard Interactive

As the Senior Digital Sales Strategist for 2060 Digital, Jayna oversees digital sales strategy and social media across all Hubbard markets, nationwide. She combines her strategic thinking and creativity with her love of marketing to come up with solutions for both clients and internal sales teams. In her free time, she channels her love for fashion, as a personal stylist.

Jayna Wilcox

Senior Digital Sales Strategist, 2060 Digital

From working with macro/micro/nano influencers, ninjaing his way through media buying efforts to figuring out how to intrigue your audience. Christian has worked with many SMBs and brands from all over to help execute result-driven & impactful campaigns that keeps your audience wanting to learn more.

Christian Yang

Social Media Strategist, Hubbard Interactive

Missy develops marketing campaigns for medium to large sized businesses including: design, content creation, social advertising and influencer marketing. She was awarded the Advertising Federation of Minnesota's 32 Under 32 Award, and the Radio Wayne Award for one of the Top Interactive Sellers in the country. She leads an 11-person strong social media team at Hubbard Interactive.

Missy Young

Social Media Services Manager, Hubbard Interactive


* Sessions are subject to change without notice.

Registration Begins

When: 7:30am
Where: by main, atrium entrance.

Get signed in and registered.


When: 8:00am — 9:30am
Where: Carriage Hall A

Grab a tasty treat.

Welcome to Hubbard Digital Academy

When: 8:30am — 8:45am
Where: Carriage Hall A

Welcome & Instructions for the Day

Leadership and Goal Setting for Your Business and Your Life

Who: Erik Therwanger
When: 8:45am — 9:50am
Where: Carriage Hall A

Erik will share his inspirational story, then use what he has learned from his life experiences to take you through a Digital Flight Plan that dives into the immediate enhancements you can make to your business. He will also help you define the priority objectives to take action on for your business. This session will feature planning your goals for the next 90 days through the next 5 years.

Turning Your Business from a Location to a Destination

Who: Karen Bachman, (Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Bachman’s Garden Center),
Sarah Fossen (Director of Marketing & Experience, Rosedale Center),
Mike Larson (Co-Owner, Woofington),
Moderator: Elizabeth Ries, (Radio & TV Host for myTalk 107.1 and Twin Cities Live)

When: 10:00am — 10:50am
Where: Carriage Hall A

The extra special place beyond the ordinary. With the rise of online shopping in the Amazon era, customers are seeking more from their retail experience. Hot spots with great stories and unique experiences (and an Instagram-able space helps too!) are pulling in new customers than ever before. We meet with Minnesota brands, that have turned their locations into destinations.

Getting Found Online: SEO Best Practices

Who: Ruth Tambornino & Jason Dailey
When: 10:00am — 10:50am
Where: Carriage Hall B

Search Engine Optimization is a series of tasks performed on and off your website in order to enhance your placement on Google. This includes improving your content and authority so Google sees your website as the best option when consumers search. During this session you will learn to better understand how SEO can be utilized for your business.

Introduction to Facebook & Instagram for Business

Who: Anna Johnson
When: 10:00am — 10:50am
Where: Captain’s Room

Let’s be honest, social media is everywhere! How can you use it to show off your business or organization? It’s estimated that over 2 billion people use Facebook and Instagram each day. These two play a key role in how you market your business, but it can be a daunting task to get started. Let’s go through the best practices, in’s and out’s of how we can help your business benefit from social media!

An Introduction to Google Analytics

Who: Albert Maruggi
When: 11:00am — 11:50am
Where: Carriage Hall A

Are your marketing tactics resonating with your audience? By using Google Analytics, you are able to see valuable insights that can shape how you run your business. In this session we will discuss the who, where, what, and why of Google Analytics and your business. After this beginner’s session, you’ll leave with actionable insights to make you ready to take on your Google Analytics account.

Facebook Advertising 101: How to Rock Your First Ad Campaign

Who: Missy Young
When: 11:00am — 11:50am
Where: Carriage Hall B

Facebook advertising for beginners to seasoned marketers is possibly the most effective way to promote your products to more than 1.5 billion people around the world. In this session, you’ll learn how to create an ad in business manager, test your ad creative, install a Facebook pixel on your website & track your results.

Running A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Who: Adriana Velez
When: 11:00am — 11:50am
Where: Captain’s Room

As email software becomes more intelligent and automated, brands are able to put in less work and still send messages to the masses while they sleep. So how does a brand utilize email marketing software to gain leads and make sales while also creating personal experiences that customers want? This session will give you the tools to manage email lists and build campaigns to reach the goals of your business from start to finish.

Lunch + Live Recording of The Social Feed Podcast

When: 12:00pm — 12:50pm
Where: Carriage Hall A

Grab a meal, check out vendor booths, network

Using Video in Your Digital Strategy

Who: Pat Laeger
When: 1:00pm — 1:50pm
Where: Carriage Hall A

Short videos can be a great social marketing tactic. Quick videos on social platforms are the perfect way to grab someone’s attention. In this session, learn about the different forms of videos, where they work best, and how they can fit into your social media plan. You will also learn tools you can use to produce your next video on your own.

Case Study: Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Who: Jordan Preston & Chad Peterson (Dennis Kirk) & Kelsey Sells & Katie Mullenbach (Rosedale Center)
When: 1:00pm — 1:50pm
Where: Carriage Hall B

Integrated marketing campaigns use a holistic approach vs. a single medium to accomplish their end game. They are more interesting, more impactful, typically have a higher response rate and generate more leads. In this session, we breakdown two case studies, that used integrated marketing to accomplish their goals.

An Introduction to PPC with Google Ads

Who: Sam O’Byrne
When: 1:00pm — 1:50pm
Where: Captain’s Room

In this session, you’ll receive a basic overview of Google’s advertising platform, AdWords, and how their search advertising works. You’ll understand how to create campaigns and ads that better benefit your business. This session is a MUST for anyone looking to begin a successful Pay Per Click campaign for their business!

Influencer Marketing: The New Endorsement

Who: Meghan Bergman & Christian Yang
When: 2:00pm — 2:50pm
Where: Carriage Hall A

You’ve heard of the effectiveness of influencer marketing with celebrity endorsers, but how can you make it tangible? Small businesses may struggle to set aside funds for these campaigns, that is where micro-influencers come into play. In this session, we will show you how to find your own influencers and tactics to utilize them for your business.

Design School: Easy Ways to Create Graphics for Your Brand

Who: Derek Hageness & Jake George
When: 2:00pm — 2:50pm
Where: Carriage Hall B

Every brand has a story to tell. Making sure that your brand walks as well as it talks is as important as ever. In this session, you will leave with tips and tools to create content for your feeds and the digital space you occupy.

Complimentary Digital Audits

Who: Jayna Wilcox, Ruth Tambornino & Sam O’Byrne
When: 10:00Am — 2:30pm
Where: foyer

Stop by to get a free digital audit of your business (must sign up ahead of time for 15 minute time slot).

Who Cares What They Want? Consumer Expectations in the Digital Age

Who: Bill Day
When: 3:00pm — 4:00pm
Where: Carriage Hall A

Bill is an experienced media executive with a successful record launching and leading digital products from Cars.com to Careerbuilder and dozens of others that didn’t work nearly as well. He has spent the better part of the last two decades working in and with multimedia companies, helping to build and implement market-leading applications for properties from major metros to community papers.

Happy Hour

When: 4:00pm — 4:30pm
Where: Foyer

Networking Happy Hour.

Get to Know Hubbard Interactive

Hubbard Interactive is part of Hubbard Broadcasting. We are four generations of a family of broadcasters and are a locally owned and operated communication company including; 41 Radio, 13 TV stations, Reelz Channel and other media entities in the country. Hubbard has millions of people viewing on TV, listening on the radio, and reading online every month – just in the Twin Cities. Hubbard Radio and TV stations have successfully worked with businesses since 1927, and in the past decade, Hubbard has expanded into the digital realm with the creation of Hubbard Interactive. Today, they design websites, manage email databases, execute online advertising campaigns and are the social media voice for hundreds of brands.

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