Welcome to our fifth Hubbard Digital Academy! An energetic, educational event that will be held at McNamara Alumni Center and includes 12 breakout sessions, a full breakfast and lunch, free headshots, and giveaways throughout the day. Think Great’s Erik Therwanger is a Special Keynote Speaker that is not only inspiring but will help you grow and develop in your profession. Join us for a full day of learning with industry experts, along with a chance to be featured on The Social Feed Podcast Live recording during this event. Complimentary digital audits will be given throughout the day. Afterward, the Hubbard Interactive team will host a 4:00 p.m. Network Happy Hour with a complimentary beverage.


Hubbard Interactive is made up of digital brand strategists, social media strategists, coordinators, designers, videographers, project managers and web developers. This team has helped hundreds of Twin Cities businesses grow their brand, whether it’s helping navigate Google, executing a successful social media marketing strategy, or setting up a pay-per-click campaign. Hubbard Interactive can help you better connect your business with its followers.

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Meghan leverages her background in marketing, content creation, and blogging to make a digital impact for her clients across many different brand categories. Fueled by coffee, she capitalizes on her writing and communications skills to produce creative campaigns and deliver results to her clients.

Meghan Bergman

Social Media Strategist

Brad Boldenow is a Data Analyst for Land O'Lakes. He works alongside digital marketers and communicators helping interpret digital data to assist in creating memorable experiences for Land O’Lakes audiences.

Brad Boldenow

Data Analyst - Land O'Lakes

Leading Brandography, an award-winning digital marketing company recognized for innovation, Jason Dailey is well accomplished in identifying, launching, and elevating the success of new business concepts.

Jason Dailey

CEO Brandography

As a Social Media Strategist at Hubbard Interactive, Sam utilizes her experience in graphic design and photography as a catalyst to her creative efforts. Her experience strategizing and growing social channels has enabled her to problem solve within her client’s brand standards while reaching their social media marketing goals.

Samantha Franco

Social Media Strategist

As a Graphic Designer at Hubbard Interactive, Katie views good design as a puzzle with all its pieces in the right place. She strives to be ahead of the trend in her work and questions what’s “always been that way”. She enjoys bringing brands to life by finding their unique personality and playing to their strengths.

Katie Greenhill

Graphic Designer

Leading a Washington, DC-based team that creates digital marketing programs across the United States, Steve has a 25+ year track record of sales and sales management success in both traditional and digital media. Steve lives in the DC suburbs with his wife and two sons.

Steve Goldstein

Director of Digital Sales

Derek is new this last year to the Hubbard Interactive team. His design background is rooted in branding and animation. Derek’s excitement comes from building trust with clients and getting them excited about new avenues of creative.

Derek Hageness

Graphic Designer

As a Social Media Coordinator at Hubbard Interactive, Anna Johnson has gained skills and knowledge in blogging, content marketing and various social media tools. She enjoys thinking outside the box to strategize with others helping clients meet their goals.

Anna Johnson

Social Media Coordinator

Felicia Johnson is in her third season as the Social Media Manager for the Minnesota Vikings. She helps oversee paid social media, assists with channel strategy and helps create content for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Vikings.com.

Felicia Johnson

Social Media Manager - Minnesota Vikings

As an Integrated Marketing Manager at Mall of America, Sara assists in developing and executing integrated marketing strategies at a local, regional and national scale.

Sarah Johnson

Integrated Marketing Manager - Mall of America

Tory is the Senior Social Media Strategist for Hubbard Interactive. As a Google Analytics, Twitter Flight School and HubSpot Content Marketing certified professional, she sees the power that the digital world can have for a brand. You’ll find Tory practicing yoga followed by eating a pint of ice cream.

Tory Kalousek

Senior Social Media Strategist

As a Videographer for Hubbard Interactive, Pat produces videos for the Twin Cities Hubbard Radio stations & clients: event recaps, social promos, testimonials, product how-tos, interviews, animations, and live broadcasts. He is also the producer of The Social Feed Podcast.

Pat Laeger

Videographer & Podcast Producer

Bernie Laur is the Director of Digital Sales for Hubbard Interactive and has been running the Digital Sales organization since October of 2008. Bernie is a 35-year veteran in the broadcasting and digital fields. Bernie holds a BA in Journalism/Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

Bernie Laur

Director of Digital Sales

As a Social Media Coordinator at Hubbard Interactive, Katie uses her background in anthropology and communications to craft copy that is compelling and motivational for her client’s audiences. Nothing excites her more than to see the visions for her clients’ campaigns come to life and create lasting results.

Katie Mullenbach

Social Media Coordinator

From Wisconsin to the Twin Cities, Sam has become an experienced digital strategist with over 10 years of planning, creating, and executing digital solutions for businesses, government organizations, and non-profits from small, local businesses to fortune 500s.

Sam O’Byrne

Digital Brand Strategist

Kristen Pechacek is the Digital Marketing Director at Self Esteem Brands, home of Entrepreneur’s Top Global Franchise, Anytime Fitness, and promising newcomers Waxing the City and Basecamp Fitness.

Kristen Pechacek

Digital Marketing Director - Self Esteem Brands

As a Social Media Strategist for Hubbard Interactive, Jordan works with brands to develop marketing strategies that align with their business goals, while making sure their voices are heard across social media platforms. With a background in account management, he places an emphasis on strong communication and strategic thinking.

Jordan Preston

Social Media Strategist

As a Social Media Coordinator at Hubbard Interactive, Tatum Richards comes with a background in content creation and copywriting and has an emphasis in sports marketing. She believes that social media allows brands to tell their story and showcase their individual voice in a way that resonates with consumers.

Tatum Richards

Social Media Coordinator

Throughout his career, Eric has been working with cross-functional teams to approach Digital Marketing in a way that pushes boundaries and connections. He has a deep understanding of marketing initiatives, software services, web properties and social events.

Eric Sanchez

Social Media Strategist

Ruth Tambornino is the Digital Brand Strategist at Hubbard Interactive. With a solid understanding of messaging and digital platforms, Ruth has worked with 100’s of clients locally and nationally, impacting their business in a positive way. Areas of expertise include PPC, SEO, Digital Display, Websites and Mobile platforms.

Ruth Tambornino

Digital Brand Strategist

As one of the nation's leading thinkers on issues of personal growth, professional development, and organizational excellence, Erik is the Founder and President of Think GREAT, LLC. Helping businesses and individuals reach goals through leadership, team building and sales training.

Erik Therwanger

Think GREAT, Founder and President

With a background in web design and digital marketing, Adriana understands the importance of creating a strong digital presence for brands. She leverages her knowledge in marketing and design to leverage brands and create conversation. In her spare time, she's hiking around Minnesota with her dog Winston.

Adriana Velez

Social Media Coordinator

As the Senior Digital Sales Strategist for 2060 Digital, Jayna oversees sales strategy and social media across all Hubbard markets, nationwide. Her strategic skill set comes from her background as a Social Media Strategist. In her freetime, she channels her love for fashion, as a personal stylist.

Jayna Wilcox

Senior Digital Sales Strategist at 2060 Digital

Missy was awarded the Advertising Federation of Minnesota's 32 Under 32 Award, and the Radio Wayne Award for one of the Top Interactive Sellers in the country. She leads a 10-person strong social media team at Hubbard Interactive and works with clients to identify new technologies and digital best practices.

Missy Young

Social Media Services Manager


* Sessions are subject to change without notice.

Check-in & Registration

When: 8:00am — 8:30am
Where: Memorial Hall

Complimentary Headshots

Who: Twin Cities Headshots
When: 8:00am — 11:30am
Where: Memorial Hall

Stop by to get your complimentary headshot to spruce up that LinkedIn profile picture.

Welcome & Instructions for the Day

When: 8:30am — 8:45am
Where: Memorial Hall

Leadership and Goal Setting for Your Business and Your Life

Who: Erik Therwanger
When: 8:45am — 9:50am
Where: Memorial Hall

Erik will share his inspirational story, then use what he has learned from his life experiences to take you through a Digital Flight Plan that dives into the immediate enhancements you can make to your business. He will also help you define the priority objectives to take action on for your business. This session will feature planning your goals for the next 90 days through the next 5 years.

Complimentary Digital Audits

Who: Jayna Wilcox
When: 10:00am — 4:00pm
Where: Memorial Hall

Stop by to get a free digital audit of your business (must sign up ahead of time for 20 minute time slot)

Getting Found Online: SEO Best Practices

Who: Ruth Tambornino & Jason Dailey
When: 10:00am — 10:50am
Where: Memorial Hall

Search Engine Optimization is a series of tasks performed on and off your website in order to enhance your placement on Google. This includes improving your content and authority so Google sees your website as the best option when consumers search. During this session you will learn to better understand how SEO can be utilized for your business.

Facebook Advertising 101: How to Hit Your Target

Who: Missy Young
When: 10:00am — 10:50am
Where: Johnson Great Room

Facebook advertising has a unique advantage over almost all of the other internet advertising channels, with how it can target your audience. This session will give you a brief overview of Facebook Ads Manager. Learn how to optimize Facebook advertising to better reach your desired demographic.

An Introduction to Google Analytics

Who: Tory Kalousek
When: 11:00am — 11:50am
Where: Johnson Great Room

Knowing your audience and what they want is an important factor to market to them successfully. By using Google Analytics, you are able to see valuable insights that can shape how you run your business. In this session we will discuss the who where what when and how of Google Analytics and your business.

Customer Journey: Mapping the Path to Purchase

Who: Steve Goldstein
When: 11:00am — 11:50am
Where: Memorial Hall

How do your customers naturally behave when they’re in the market for your product or service? In this session, you’ll hear how to think about marketing from the customer’s vantage point and learn how to map out the multiple communication touchpoints in your customer’s buying process.

Lunch Panel: How to Show the Real ROI on Digital Marketing

When: 12:10pm — 1:00pm
Where: Memorial Hall

Return-on-investment. You want to show it. Your clients want to see it. Your boss is asking you for it. How do you show what’s working and what’s not? In this panel, we meet with the marketing teams from the Minnesota Vikings, Mall of America, Anytime Fitness & Land O’Lakes to tell how they track results and how to best display/share them with your team.

Round Table Breakouts: Get All of Your Social Media Questions Answered

Who: Eric Sanchez, Katie Mullenbach, Anna Johnson, Sam Franco & Tatum Richards
When: 1:10pm — 2:00pm
Where: Memorial Hall

We know you have questions specific to your business, whether that is what hashtags you should use on Instagram, to troubleshooting getting access to your Linkedin account. Our team of experts will have a table for each social network to best answer your social media questions.

LinkedIn: Anna Johnson
Facebook: Sam Franco
Instagram: Eric Sanchez
Twitter: Tatum Richards
Snapchat: Katie Mullenbach

Using Video in Your Digital Strategy

Who: Pat Laeger
When: 1:10pm — 2:00pm
Where: Johnson Great Room

Short videos can be a great social marketing tactic. Quick videos on social platforms are the perfect way to grab someone’s attention. In this session, learn about the different forms of videos, where they work best, and how they can fit into your social media plan. You will also learn tools you can use to make producing your next video a breeze.

Social Feed Podcast – Live Recording!

Who: Pat Laeger & Missy Young
When: 2:00pm — 4:00pm
Where: Memorial Hall

Be part of a podcast recording discussing marketing goals (must sign up ahead of time for 10 minute time slot)

An Introduction to PPC with Google Ads

Who: Sam O’Byrne
When: 2:10pm — 3:00pm
Where: Johnson Great Room

In this session, you’ll receive a basic overview of Google’s advertising platform, AdWords, and how their search advertising works. You’ll understand how to create campaigns and ads that better benefit your business. This session is a MUST for anyone looking to begin a successful Pay Per Click campaign for their business!

Influencer Marketing: The New Endorsement

Who: Eric Sanchez & Meghan Bergman
When: 2:10pm — 3:00pm
Where: Memorial Hall

You’ve heard of the effectiveness of influencer marketing with celebrity endorsers, but how can you make it tangible? Small businesses may struggle to set aside funds for these campaigns, that is where micro-influencers come into play. In this session, we show you how to find your own influencers and tactics to utilize them for your business.

Design School: Easy Ways to Create Graphics for Your Brand

Who: Katie Greenhill & DEREK HAGENESS
When: 3:10pm — 4:00pm
Where: Memorial Hall

Every brand has a story to tell. Making sure that your brand has a consistent look and feel is important in telling that story. In this session, you will leave with free tools to create content for your Facebook and Instagram posts, flyers, emails or website.

Email Marketing: Human vs. Machine – The Future of Email Marketing

Who: Adriana Velez & Jordan Preston
When: 3:10pm — 4:00pm
Where: Johnson Great Room

As email software becomes more intelligent and automated, brands are able to put in less work and still send messages to the masses while they sleep. So how does a brand utilize email marketing software to gain leads and make sales while also creating personal experiences that customers want? This session will give you the tools to manage email lists and build campaigns to reach the goals of your business.

Networking Happy Hour

Who:Networking Happy HOur and Q&A
When: 4:00pm — 5:00pm
Where: Memorial Hall

Networking Happy Hour and Q&A.

Get to Know Hubbard Interactive

Hubbard Interactive is part of Hubbard Broadcasting. We are four generations of a family of broadcasters and are a locally owned and operated communication company including; 41 Radio, 13 TV stations, Reelz Channel and other media entities in the country. Hubbard has millions of people viewing on TV, listening on the radio, and reading online every month – just in the Twin Cities. Hubbard Radio and TV stations have successfully worked with businesses since 1927, and in the past decade, Hubbard has expanded into the digital realm with the creation of Hubbard Interactive. Today, they design websites, manage email databases, execute online advertising campaigns and are the social media voice for hundreds of brands.

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