5 Benefits to Working with an Influencer


The word “Influencer” has a lot of connotations, but what can working with an influencer actually do for you? Here is a quick list of benefits to working with an influencer.

1. Brand Awareness

Influencers take time to cultivate large followers of specific demographics. This gets you in front of a large new audience of people who might be interested in your brand.

2. Builds Trust

An influencer’s audience sees them as a friend. The influencer takes time to build trust amongst their followers, offering intimate details about their lives and only suggesting products they themselves use. So when an influencer endorses a product, their followers trust that this product has been vetted by someone they consider a friend, creating trust in your brand in return.

3. Targeted Demographics

Influencers specialize in specific niches in the market. From healthy living influencers to adventure influencers, to all-around lifestyle influencers, these niches create followings of specifically curated demographics that you can plug right into.

4. Set the Trends

Influencers are known for being on the cutting edge of trends in their niche. When partnering with an influencer, you show that your brand is also forging the way for your niche. Influencers can also be the starting force to start new trends that your brand can be at the center of.

5. Conversions

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations that could lead to sales. This is due to the trust that influencers have with their audience. Often times followers look to influencers for recommendations on what to buy.

6. BONUS – Content Creation

Influencers at their core are content creators. The content that they create you can also use for your own social media channels

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