Meet the Team: Jason Goldenberg

Jason Featured

Hey there! We’re so excited to share that we added a new member to Hubbard Interactive team of digital superstars! Jason Goldenberg comes to us with a robust broadcast television background. He’s an Emmy-award-winning television producer with a knack for project management. Get to know Jason below!

What’s your position at Hubbard Interactive?

Digital Project Manager

If you had a baseball-style walk-up song when entering the office every day, what would it be?

‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by Saliva

What’s your favorite thing about social media?

Social media allows you to remove the middleman and tell your story directly, the way you want it told.

Fashion trend you partook in you really wish you hadn’t?

Parachute pants, Zubaz pants…I generally just made very poor trouser choices

Most recent show you’ve binge-watched?

Black Sails, Man In the High Castle, Altered Carbon

Is a hot dog a sandwich, why or why not?

No. If you were watching a great athlete showing off, you don’t call him a sandwich.

Best social media channel and why?

YouTube…video is king. I worked in video for over 20 years for major media companies, but now a kid in his basement can do what I did, and probably do it even better while sitting on his couch in his pajamas. YouTube is by the people for the people and there are just so many choices to fit any preference.

You can have lunch with any significant person dead or alive, who are you choosing?

Jon Stewart, Philo Farnsworth, and George Lucas

Any parting words?

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Wow, what a quote Jason. It gave us the chills! We can’t say how excited we are to have you join the team. Be sure to head to our Instagram to follow along and keep up with all things HBI! @hubbardinteractive