Meet The Team: Alexandra Fischer


Welcome back to our Meet the Team series! This week, we want you to meet Alexandra, our latest and greatest coordinator on the team. She comes to us with a background in content creation and event planning. We grabbed Alexandra to ask her a few questions, so check out her answers below!

What’s your position?
Social Media Coordinator

How long have you been at Hubbard?
Two months

What’s one fun fact about yourself?
I occasionally moonlight as a wedding planner

What’s your favorite thing about social media?
The ability to connect and share content with people all over the globe!

What’s your least favorite thing about social media?
The fact that it is sometimes difficult to disconnect from it.

Favorite things to do outside of work?
Go to concerts, brewery hop, travel

Favorite social media channel and why?
Insta! I love the fact it is more photo driven and there are so many fun creative ways to make your page interesting.

We’re so thrilled to welcome Alexandra to the team! To stay up-to-date with what’s happening the Hubbard Interactive team, make sure to follow us on Instagram. Stay tuned for more introductions coming soon!