Meet the Team: Brent Meyer

Brent Fullbody Web

Welcome back to the blog! We’re online again to introduce you to yet another incredible addition to Hubbard Interactive. Meet Brent Meyer, the latest Social Media Content Strategist to join our posse. Always down for adventure, Brent comes to us with a background in content creation and project management. Get to know Brent below!

What’s your position at Hubbard Interactive?

I am Content Strategist, which basically means that I strategize content…  My day to day looks like, planning content calendars, managing social audiences and making sure things look pretty. 

If you had a baseball style walk-up song when entering the office everyday, what would it be?

I think “Confident” by Demi Lavato. Every time that song comes on at the gym, I start slow motion walking… in my head.

What’s your favorite thing about social media?

The ability to connect people around the world. Through social media I have met so many people in completely different countries and become friends with them. It’s insane how much closer you can feel to people who are thousands of miles away. 

Fashion trend you partook in you really wish you hadn’t?

Hands down, bowl cut. Staple hair cut from age 5 – 10… ugh.

Most recent show you’ve binge-watched?

Schitt’s Creek

Is a hot dog a sandwich, why or why not?

Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t really like hotdogs…..

Best social media channel and why?

Definitely Instagram. I am very into photography so its so inspiring to see such amazing photographers from all over!

You can have lunch with any significant person dead or alive, who are you choosing?

Super cheesy, but Walt Disney…. for so many reasons…. to see if he’s as big of an a**hole as they say. To hear what he thinks about the current state of the world and entertainment. Plus, ya know, I’m a fan.

Any parting words?

Adventure is Out There!

Three Cheers for our newest Social Content Strategist, Brent Meyer! Watch for Brent’s killer content on client social channels racking up engagement or turning conversions. Our Hubbard crew continues to expand, check up on our Instagram to follow along and keep up with the gang! @hubbardinteractive