Meet The Team: Chaise Knutson


Although we’re locked down, our Hubbard Interactive team is on the up and up! We’re welcoming our newest Social Media Ad Strategist, Chaise Knutson. Chaise comes to us with an extensive background in Media placement and Ad Strategy along with Public Relations. Get to know our strategy savvy ad buff below!

What’s your position at Hubbard?
Social Media Ad Strategist

What’s one fun fact about yourself?
I adopted an elderly dog (named Lucy or Lucille or Lucifer depending upon the day) who has become my baby! (She turns 11 this summer!)

What’s your favorite thing about social media?
Being able to stay connected with old friends across the country and world!

What’s your least favorite thing about social media?
The stereotype of always having to look perfect on social media channels.

Most recent show you’ve binge-watched?
Hollywood on Netflix! (Highly recommend)

Favorite things to do outside of work?
Watching scary movies, hosting wine nights and doing the weekly Sunday brunches with my friends!

Favorite social media channel and why?
This one is a hard one! Im tied between Instagram (for the memes) and TiK Tok for all the funny videos.

Any parting words?
Work Harder, Dream Bigger! 

From showing client’s ROI to DIY hair dyes, we’re stoked to welcome a man of many talents. Cheers to Chaise joining the team!