Meet the Team: Mia Grimme


Howdy ya’ll! We’re back with another fabulous member to welcome to our Hubbard Interactive Social Team. Mia Grimme brings years of experience to her new role as Social media Content Strategist! She has a passion to bring the FUN into all of her content and is here already giving us a daily dose. Get to know Mia below!

What’s your position at Hubbard Interactive?

I am a Social Media Content Strategist.

If you had a baseball style walk-up song when entering the office everyday, what would it be?

No Diggity- By Blackstreet (which also happens to be my karaoke song)

What’s your favorite thing about social media?

I love finding new ways to engage and interact with an audience and connecting people through social media! I feel lucky to have grown up with the internet and in the social media age, from Myspace, to Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and now TikTok, I love the ever changing and evolving landscape of it all!

Fashion trend you partook in you really wish you hadn’t?

Before Hubbard, I spent my adult life studying fashion and working in retail, and it has conditioned me buy and wear clothing that is pretty classic….but let’s say anything and everything neon I ever owned (and wore)

Most recent show you’ve binge-watched?

Grey’s Anatomy (for the 6th time)

Is a hot dog a sandwich, why or why not?

A hot dog is a hot dog and it’s a category all it’s own.

Best social media channel and why?

Instagram. I love imagery people create on their pages, regardless of the focus.

You can have lunch with any significant person dead or alive, who are you choosing?

Any/all of the Kardashians (for marketing purposes of course)

Any parting words?

Life’s too short not to laugh. At jokes, at mistakes, at yourself, with your friends. Just laugh.

We’re happy to have you here Mia Grimme! Our team just keeps growing! Check up on our Instagram to follow along and keep up with all things HBI! @hubbardinteractive