Meet the Interns


Ashley G.

Social Media Intern

Maddie F.

Social Media Intern
What’s your position?
Ashley: Social Media Intern
Maddie: Social Media Intern
Where do you go to school?
Ashley: Winona State University
Maddie: Iowa State University
What is your major?
Ashley: Mass Communications Advertising
Maddie: Advertising
What’s your favorite thing about social media?
Ashley: My favorite thing about social media is being able to connect with so many people and stay up to date with people and businesses.
Maddie: Seeing the endless amount of creativity that people bring to platforms. Also, there is endless food for thought on social media.
Why did you decide to pursue a social media internship?
Ashley: After touring with Winona’s AdFed group, I instantly knew I wanted to apply for the Hubbard Interactive Internship. I enjoy making content as well as informing people, and social media allows me to do both.
Maddie: I saw the beginnings of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, at a young age. Honestly, I don’t know life without social media! Creating content and interacting with people comes naturally to me, so why not pursue that as a job!
Favorite things to do outside of work?
Ashley: I like to go out to dinner with my friends and scope out photoshoot locations.
Maddie: I love being outside and exploring new cities.
Favorite social media channel and why?
Ashley: My favorite social media channel is Instagram because I love looking at visual content.
Maddie: Instagram! It’s by far my most used. I’m really big into seeing other people’s aesthetics and Instagram offers a peek into people’s lives that you don’t necessarily get to see through other social media platforms.
What’s one fun fact about yourself?
Ashley: I live on a Hobby Farm with 20 chickens.
Maddie: My senior award in high school was, “Most Likely To Quote Every Line of Spongebob.”

We are so excited to be having Maddie and Ashley joining our team. This summer, they’ll be doing lots of different things, like content creation, community management, design, event activations, learning different Hubbard Interactive processes and meeting face-to-face with some of our clients. Join us in welcoming them to our team!