Meet The Team: Chris Norris

Hey gang, welcome back to our ever-popular blog segment, ‘Meet the Team.’ Today, we introduce you to our new head honcho, Chris Norris. Chris comes to Hubbard with an impressive portfolio of experience in developing strategic marketing campaigns and launching brands.  Get to know the big man on campus, check out what Chris had to say!

What’s your position?
Social Media Operations Manager
How long have you been at Hubbard?
Since November 2019
What’s one fun fact about yourself?
I served in the Peace Corps.
What’s your favorite thing about social media?
It can democratize creativity.
What’s your least favorite thing about social media?
It’s addictive and probably destroying democracy.
Favorite things to do outside of work?
Climb, read, watch basketball, drink red wine.
Favorite social media channel and why?
Twitter because it’s the best platform for sports and news. Also, all the best trends start on Twitter and then get screen-shotted for the other platforms.
Any parting words?
I hope the reader regrets reading this.
Well, there you have it. A glimpse into the mind of our fearless leader. Join us in our daily attempt to not call Chris Chuck Norris, and check back in for new blog content soon!