Meet The Team: Isabella Dotzler

Fancy meeting you here! We’re excited for you to meet Isabella, one of our talented Social Media Strategists. She has been with our team for close to two years and considered our resident concert aficionado. We grabbed Isabella and asked her a few questions, so check out her answers below!

What’s your position?
Social Media Strategist
How long have you been at Hubbard?
Over a year and a half – I started in February 2017!
What’s one fun fact about yourself?
Though I’m from the Halloween Capital of the World (Anoka, MN) I have never been inside a haunted house and plan to NEVER be in one. I hate scary things. The last time I came relatively close to one was when I was six years old and almost went to the haunted house at the State Fair with my father – but then I chickened out. Don’t worry, he got his money back.
What’s your favorite thing about social media?
I love that I come in to work every day with a new adventure to tackle because social media is always changing. No one will ever describe social media marketing as boring; this industry is still relatively new and continues to innovate itself on the daily.
What’s your least favorite thing about social media?
Sometimes community management is tough because I just want everyone to be happy, and unfortunately not everyone is happy online. However, part of my job is to make sure my client’s customers feel their concerns are heard and being improved upon. So though community management is not my favorite, I’m at least glad I can do something to address customers’ concerns!
Favorite things to do outside of work?
I am an avid coffee drinker and concert goer. While I typically stick to a St. Paul Starbucks for coffee, I go to various venues for concerts (including ones in different states). I’ve been to 38 concerts since I was 6 years old, with 1 more show on my current roster for 2018!
Favorite social media channel and why?
Instagram was the first social media channel I had (sorry Facebook) and it holds a special spot in my heart. I am a very visual person, so I love that Instagram focuses on pictures and the messages you can convey with them. Plus, I am huge fan of the shopping features Instagram is starting to introduce… my bank account, maybe not so much. But seriously, it has huge implications for ecommerce businesses in the future!
Any parting words?
Social media marketing is awesome, and I am so lucky to be working with the Hubbard Interactive team!
We can’t say it enough, but we are so thankful to have Isabella on our team. She’s incredibly creative, great at design and provides the team with so much inspiration. To meet other members of our team, head over to our ‘News’ section Meet the Team blogs. Don’t forget toMeet the Team blogs. Don’t forget toInstagram. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!