Non-Profit Raises $150,000 in 35 Days


The Idea

American Refugee Committee was hosting the first ever 5K race in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement. The goal was to bring together refugees, Olympians, ARC staff and supporters to raise funds for people living in the settlement. ARC worked with refugees to create 40 teams – each coming up with an opportunity they wanted to bring to the camp. The response was incredible and you can see the ideas here.

The Campaign

Hubbard Interactive created a plan that would document everything that was happening leading up to and during the 5k. Since not everyone could participate in the 5k, we used radio, social media and YouTube to bring the supportive feeling to life. The Hubbard social team, along with myTalk radio personality Bradley Traynor, traveled to Uganda to activate the event in person. Bradley endorsed the event on his talk show, Collen and Bradley, while the social team promoted “sending your heart to Uganda” on Facebook. Facebook fans were encouraged to comment on the American Refugee Facebook page with a positive message for the runners. Our strategist in Uganda wrote these comments on yellow hearts that were passed throughout the camp.

Hubbard’s team created a video series highlighting the groups’ ideas, along with a donation video that ran on YouTube using TrueView. All traffic was directed to a CrowdRise page where people could pick their team and donate directly.


The Results

  • 833% increase in social media engagement during campaign
  • 30,473 views on YouTube video
  • $150,000 raised in 35 days