Andy’s Grille Has Record Year at the Minnesota State Fair

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The Idea

Andy’s Grille was celebrating their 30th year at the Minnesota State Fair and they were looking to boost their sales and the awareness of their new Chocolate Chip Cookie beer. Their goal was to sell out of all of their Chocolate Chip Cookie Beer and increase their overall sales. They had a small social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that they were looking to increase as well.

The Campaign

The Minnesota State Fair brings in over 1.5 million people each year providing a unique opportunity to get in front of a very large number of people. Simply having a booth there provides great exposure. However, over the last few years in particular novelty food and beverages have exploded in popularity for the vendors offering them thanks largely to the growing use of social media. Andy’s Grille offers “Everything Philly”, burgers, and many different craft beer options. In addition to their history of great food and cold beer, they also introduced a Chocolate Chip Cookie Beer in 2016 which created a lot of buzz online ahead of the Fair. Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we were able to really amplify the buzz surrounding the State Fair, their new beer, and everything that Andy’s Grille has to offer. We inserted #MeetAtAndys and the Andy’s Grille name into fair-goers conversations on Twitter and using Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the beer on social.

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The Results

With the huge demand for Chocolate Chip Cookie Beer, Andy’s Grille ran out almost every day of the fair. One of the owners said, “We sold 78 kegs of the chocolate chip cookie beer. We were sold out! We could have sold 200 kegs.” Overall sales, including food, were up by 15% compared to the previous year as well.