Beer Festival has all-time highest Reach of Festival Goers

The Idea

A local Twin Cities beer festival organizes events each year to elevate their brand awareness and revenue in the competitive Twin Cities craft beer industry. Hubbard Interactive represented their social media presence on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat leading up to the festival.

The Campaign

Our ideal customer profile was developed based on demographics, psychographics, and behavior provided from prior Facebook analytics. The social media marketing strategy was targeted at two different Facebook audiences. The first group of users aged from 21– 30 who lived within a 25-mile radius of the Twin Cities with interests in craft beer and local events. The second group focused on users in age from 30-60 within a 25-mile radius of the Twin Cities with craft beer interests. Our overall business goal was targeted toward buying tickets and building brand awareness to cast a spotlight on local breweries. Ads targeted towards buying tickets were redirected to the ticket sales website were we leveraged over 35.1K landing page views.

The Results

Revenue from Facebook ticket sales in one month was $22,680 while selling 524 tickets directly from traffic ads. Brand awareness for St. Paul Beer Fest tripled from the year before with over 1.06 million impressions and reaching 600,000 local beer enthusiasts.