Hubbard Launches Influencer Campaign for Mountain Dew Ice - Hubbard Interactive
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Hubbard Launches Influencer Campaign for Mountain Dew Ice


The Idea

Pepsi was launching a new product called Mountain Dew Ice and had a space at Mall of America that they wanted to get people to come and experience the brand, along with trying the new flavor. With limited space to invite a large group of people, we found a select group of influencers with a large following on social media to invite to this event.

The Campaign

Hubbard provided Pepsi with 12 influencers and 1 collaboration partner for their Mountain Dew Ice Launch event party following the Superbowl. The three-hour event provided influencers and their guests with plenty of Mountain Dew Ice swag, Mall of America gift cards, and photo opportunities. We found a local Instagram artist, who took pictures of guests during the event and then created a social art installation for the Mountain Dew Ice Instagram account.


The Results

  • 87,416 total event and product exposure to followers
  • 6,730 total engagements on influencer event posts
  • 7.52% average engagement rate of influencer event posts