Newgate Schools Receives 15% increase year over year from digital campaign


The Idea

Newgate School is a nonprofit automotive technical school located in the Twin Cities. They offer auto body and auto mechanics training for unemployed or under-employed adults. They are dedicated to helping low-income young adults succeed in their quest for self-sufficiency. Newgate’s daily operations are funded by the resale of donated cars, many of which are restored or repaired by students as part of their career training. In order to thrive, Newgate needed more car donations so they could continue to enroll students into their program.

The Campaign

A display campaign was created targeting car owners and charitable contributors in the Twin Cities, encouraging them to donate their vehicle rather than trading it in or selling it. We used PPC that included an extensive list of keywords, along with SEO to ensure high visibility in organic results when people are researching car donation. Compiling primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords important to their business, site speed updates, and ongoing blogs were the main components that made this campaign a success.


The Results

  • 15% increase in traffic to website from previous year
  • 131 phone calls from PPC
  • 108 contact form fills from display ads
  • 488 cars donated