We’ve crafted our elements to work together and give your business amazing results.

Branded Content

Whether you need campaign graphics, an Instagram video series, or flatlay photography, our creative team develops custom content to suit your social brand, voice, and style. A good digital journey needs content that matters to your audience. We use data, insight and straight up know-how to make your content count.

Community Management

Our community managers provide dedicated management of your business’s social platforms through brand moderation, content creation, real-time engagement, campaign analysis, and reporting.

Digital Consulting

Your consultant will spend time with each month providing education, guidance, problem solving, plan management help to keep you on track, monthly progress review to measure results, and plan refinement advice to help you build on your success. With consulting we start with a Discovery Process to learn more about your brand and on-going monthly consulting included but not limited to.

Digital Strategy

If you don’t know where to put your digital marketing dollars, we can help. With your business goals in mind, we will look at our display ad and retargeting options and collaborate with you to develop a strategy that fulfills your needs.

Email Marketing

Recapture sales, recommend new products, offer sales, discounts or coupons, nurture leads and grow your client base through email management. Hubbard will assume management of your owned email database. We will design your emails each month, help you generate copy, and send it off to a growing list of recipients! Knowing what to share is as important as knowing when to share it. We craft data-driven email strategies that engage consumers with key content experiences.

Event Activations

Social media is now one of the most important tools planners and marketers can use to disseminate information about events and meetings, interact with attendees and solicit feedback. Our team offers live social media support during your event to effectively employ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other such sites before, during, and after the gathering.

Influencer Marketing

Our network consists of over 450 prominent influencers in Minnesota with a combined reach over 150 million consumers. Get access to the top fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers, video bloggers and social influencers. We also develop and manage creative influencer marketing strategies to effectively spread out your brand’s story to not only Minnesota influencers, but influencers around the world.

Measurement and Analytics

We invest in tools to take a deeper dive into our client’s brands, along with comparing data from Google Analytics and native insights to get the full story. Success means making data work for you with marketing analytics and optimization that keeps you in the know and in control all the time.

Online Display Advertising

Most display ads are bought and sold through ad exchanges. There are 6 standard ad sizes and all should be designed including mobile. This allows you to reach your target audience across 90% of the web. Display ads can be VERY targeted. Geographically, Demographically, Behaviorally, and Contextually. Our catalogue of ad types includes: retargeting, TriggerEx, IP targeting, geo-fencing, native advertising, contextual advertising, mobile conquesting and micro-proximity.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Put your website at the top of Google’s paid listings for keywords searches that match your business or product. You only pay if a potential customer “clicks” on your ad. PPC is a conversion type of marketing, designed to create action by the consumer. Consumers who click on a paid listing tend to be in the decision making phase, or lowest part of the funnel, so are closest to purchase.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We go way beyond the 101-level basics to help you increase organic traffic. Think more effective content, in-depth tech, and guidance on algorithm updates.

Social Media Advertising

We put your business goals at the forefront of our campaign development—be it building awareness, boosting web traffic, generating leads, or driving eCommerce sales.

Social Strategy

Successful social media management starts with solid strategy. Our strategists craft custom frameworks, specifically designed to help achieve your business goals.

Video Production

Video is a powerful tool to show something new or showcase a new side of your business or even put a new spin on something that has been around for a while. Whether for education, inspiration, sales, or branding, we have experience creating many different unique videos that fit within a variety business needs. We specialize in videos for social media, but our videos have been used for TV commercials and live events as well.

Video/YouTube Advertising

:15 (or :30) sec pre-roll video ads run prior to content on YouTube and Google network. Unlike Video Pre-roll, with the YouTube/Google you pay only for full VIEWS of your video, not impressions. Any not fully viewed video impressions are simply a bonus. In-search ads appear in YouTube search results when the viewer’s search is related to the ad’s keywords.

Website Creation

Your website is your digital storefront and should be considered one of your salespeople. If your website does not compel people to take action, you need to update it. If your current site is not mobile responsive, Google may even penalize your site and suppress it from search results. Our websites are mobile responsive and optimized for mobile search. Our local website developer and graphics team will develop fresh graphics and content as well as streamline and optimize for users and search engines. A new website should also include a strong SEO strategy so search engines and customers can find it when searching online.

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