The Subtlety of Social


Social media users are smarter than ever! They can sniff out an ad from a mile away and heavy-handed marketing is sure to keep your audience scrolling on by. But escapism and lifestyle imagery can get your brand front and center with the audience you want to snag. So here are five simple ways to create subtlety around your brand while reaching a whole new audience.

1. Feed into a Lifestyle

Creating a lifestyle around your brand, especially a lifestyle that your audience dreams about, is the perfect way to create a “need” for your product. Example: Van life is a trendy, daydream-worthy lifestyle for many, so using that imagery with your product subtlety placed in the frame makes the viewer feel like buying that gets that one step closer to that life.

2. The Power of Influence

Influencers cultivate followings that trust and value their opinion. Partnering with an influencer to even just use a product publicly creates a ripple effect amongst their followers and awareness for your product that would otherwise get lost amongst the social media noise.

3. Engagement Breeds Engagement

People like to be in the know. So, when a person likes a brand or product, they want to tell other people about it! In social media, that manifests itself into what we call user-generated content. By sharing this content on your feed and calling out specific creators who create said content, other people will see and do the same in hopes to receive the same acknowledgment. Some brands even take it so far as to feature people daily, making that part of their main social strategy.

4. Life Hacks

Everyone likes a good life hack. For example, did you know that Diet Coke can help clean out a dirty garbage disposal? Does it really help? Who knows, but I bet it made you consider buying a Diet Coke to give it a try. 😉

5. Recipes

This one is a bit more specific but using recipes that include specific products in them helps to create a desire for the product. This works obviously for food items, but also kitchen tools, or replacements for other items. Like using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for healthier dips and spreads.

How many times have you scrolled past an adjust to be swayed by a Life Hack or Influencer? Subtlety is key when it comes to social. And here at Hubbard, we have all the expertise to keep your brand relevant.